Arizona living suits every lifestyle. Whether you are temporarily visiting Phoenix or making it your permanent home, take part in the array of amenities that are at your disposal.

Phoenix Realtor Sets High Standards

As an Arizona transplant, Felisha McGiboney has always had her heart in the real estate market.  With experience in owning a number of homes in various states, she also has bought and sold her own homes as well.

With the experience under her belt of the difficulty of a FSBO she decided that having a Real Estate License is the better and safer way to go. Now with the legalistic knowledge under her belt, she has assisted many families get into and sell their homes.

With her love of architecture, home décor and knowledge of understanding the benefits of owning a home, she is determined to help families see the benefits as well and take the big leap into one of the best lifestyle choices they can make.

As mentioned in the beginning, Felisha is not a native to Phoenix.  She and her husband of 17 years relocated to Arizona in 2008.  Having lived in 4 different states and making many moves she is seasoned and experienced in what it takes to make a move.

If you are making a move she is completely understanding and helpful to you for everything involved.

Every individual is valuable to her first and then to her business. So she works hard to make her clients happy, content and satisfied throughout their real estate purchase.  She makes a point to be their extra set eyes and ears through every stage of the transaction.  She aims to make sure her clients are comfortable with their decision and are knowledgeable as well. She endeavors to make lifelong friendships with her clients by being genuine, honest and really looking out for their best interests.

You never stop being part of Felisha’s life even after the close. The regular contact after the close is important in keeping a long and healthy business relationship for many years to come. Her priority is ethical behavior and being a diligent agent working on your behalf.

Learning is always a constant activity for Felisha.  Choosing the best ways to go about learning the ever-changing real estate market is something Felisha works on daily. Her clients reap the benefits of her work.

Making sure whom she chooses to learn from and from what is scrutinized and not taken lightly.  Knowledge is power and educating one’s self with the most efficient and accurate resources pays off quickly and makes for more expertise.

Choosing the best and most productive uses of her time and energy is something that Felisha feels is necessary to being successful in providing the best service to her clients.

With the current market in full motion, the challenge of getting the “Millennials” from renting to the benefits of buying can be a challenge.  So Felisha feels that helping these potential buyers understand that there are more pros than cons to buying now takes a matter of skill and really caring.

So when choosing a Realtor, take into consideration a real estate agent who will be working for you, who will take into account your needs and the needs of your family. Even more important, think about an agent who will value the investment you are considering.

Contact Felisha Today to get started on your new home transaction.  You won’t be disappointed.
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