My Experience at the McDonald’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Car Show

This is a memory I always remember. My family and I had driven north from Gilbert one Saturday (about a year or so ago), after hearing so much about the show from people who have gone numerous times.


My dad was immediately interested when he heard of the FREE admission, and, being the car enthusiast he is, our going to the show proved inevitable.

We hopped into our 15-year-old Silverado and made our exodus up north. As we’ve never been to the area before, we were quickly disoriented. After seeing more and more vintage cars pop up on the road, we figured we were going the right direction, and after a 20 or so minute drive we pulled into the parking lot across the street (Talking Stick Way), in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. To our fortune, we pulled up to what appeared to be (I don’t remember the exact vehicle) a late 1940’s Mercury, and to add to its dashing appearance, it was not flamboyant lowrider, but a mature-looking classic.

After gawking at this fellow’s vehicle, we walked across the street and entered the sea of vintage cars, all in prime condition. Vehicles of all sorts were there, from midget cars (miniature-scale vehicles) to the first civilian-production Jeeps to large Military infantry transports of the 1950’s to exotic modern European sports cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini. People from all across town were there, and 1950’s music provided by Party Time DJ’s echoed across the parking lot.

After walking until we got blisters, we finished up our sight-seeing by hitting the 1950’s McDonald’s that sponsored the event for some burgers. Inside, everything from the wallpaper to the floor represented a 1950’s diner, with paintings and real pictures of vintage cars on the walls. The service is excellent considering the restaurant was crammed with customers, and we got our burgers in almost no time at all.

The day was done. We all hoped back into our old truck and proceeded to head back home, feeling enlightened after our enjoyable experience. Although we only went once, the event is open every Saturday, 4:00-8:00pm, and the admission is free. The event is located at 8800-9199 E. Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85250.